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Headwinds and tailwinds

31 January 2020

The events of the past few weeks have left some investors wondering whether we are witnessing a rapid deterioration of the erstwhile ‘fair to potentially better than expected’ 2020 outlook. In light of the Chinese Corona virus...

Consolidation ahead?

24 January 2020

The quiet period of Christmas and New Year has definitely ended. Davos World Economic Forum, Chinese Coronavirus, Q4 earnings season, central bank deliberations, first batch of 2020 business sentiment figures and – you guessed...

All central bank liquidity or improved outlook too?

17 January 2020

Following the brief wobble after the escalation in tensions between the US and Iran, the risk appetite that drove the substantial stock market rally towards the end of last year has returned. With yet another good week in stock...

So far so good

10 January 2020

Compared to last week’s ‘brink-of-war’ geopolitical shock start to the year over the US-Iran tensions, this week has brought relatively positive economic news, with not much to upset global markets, even if the general news...

2020 will be interesting

20 December 2019

Christmas, New Year and even a new decade are all approaching fast and so to close the year of Tatton Weeklies with this final 2019 edition, we will reflect on the changes of the last 12 months and indeed the past decade, and...

Brightening horizons

13 December 2019

Tatton Weekly recipients will have already seen our comment on the election outcome this morning and so we will not rerun those comments here – please refer to the email from Tatton Investment Management which you should have...