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Government ordered recession

20 March 2020

Just like the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus itself, the rate of policy change over the last few weeks has been astounding. A week ago, Boris Johnson and co. were content to isolate the sick, have the public wash their hands...

Disorderly divestments create confusing market dynamics

12 March 2020

Last week could be characterised as an “orderly” repricing of equity markets to the consequences of COVID-19 disruptions. This week has seen second-order market dynamics, driving valuations down to levels which do not seem...

Coronavirus market update – ramping up countermeasures can be scary

6 March 2020

Since our last update a week ago, market dynamics have developed very much along the lines we outlined as our expectation. The US Federal Reserve has taken the lead and lowered US interest rates by 0.5% to provide additional monetary...

COVID-19 and the reaction of markets to pandemic fears

26 February 2020

Global equity markets have taken a significant hit this week, as investors started to take news of COVID-19 spreading beyond China to the rest of the world more seriously. We thought it would be a good time to consider the historical...

Bubble trouble

21 February 2020

Compared to last week, there have been few changes to the big picture narrative: Thanks to the virus containment efforts enacted by its government, China’s labour force is only now slowly returning to work following an unusually...

V-shaped recovery focus for Valentine

14 February 2020

While investors enjoyed another upbeat week, the world’s medical profession (and the wider public at large) remained in a more troubled state, with concerns increasing after the World Health Organisation officially renamed this...

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